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Posted September 3, 2013

Excel Spreadsheet for calculating site-specific standard for MTBE, as referenced  in PCPG Newsletter 2013, Vol. 2, Page 3, can be downloaded by PCPG members by clicking HERE

Posted July 23, 2013

Draft revisions to regulations on professional seals, including electronic seals

The State Registration Board of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists (State Board) is considering proposed revisions to the regulations on seals, including electronic seals.  New text being added to the current regulations is underlined, and text to be deleted from the current regulations is placed in brackets.  PCPG’s Government Affairs Committee will be compiling comments on the proposed revisions

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PCPG Testifies in Support of Water Well Construction Standards

On April 17, 2013, PCPG Director Jim LaRegina, PG, provided testimony to the Pennsylvania House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, supporting legislation to adopt construction standards for new private water wells. Mr. LaRegina testified that “PCPG recommends that House Bill 343 apply to any and all water wells drilled and/or constructed in the Commonwealth without limitation.” To download PCPG's oral testimony, click HERE.

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The Chair of PCPG's Government Affairs Committee, Donald R. Wagner, PG, provided testimony to the House Consumer Affairs Committee on January 10, 2012 in support of House Bill 1855 (Miller-R), concerning water well construction standards.

PCPG has long recognized the need for private water well construction regulations to protect human health and safety and Pennsylvania’s valuable water resources, and accordingly, PCPG recommends that House Bill 1855 apply to all water wells drilled or constructed in the Commonwealth, excluding those water wells for which well construction standards are already established under the authority of existing legislation (such as the Oil and Gas Act or the Safe Drinking Water Act).

As part of its testimony, PCPG offered five general comments regarding the proposed legislative text:

1)  PCPG recommends that the scope of HB 1855 cover all private water wells, the construction or decommissioning of which are not otherwise regulated under the authority of existing legislation.

2)  HB 1855 currently defines a “water well owner” as the person who owns the land on which the water well is located.  PCPG notes that in some circumstances, such as off-site monitoring or remediation wells, the well owner may not be the owner of the land on which the well is located, and the owner of the well would more reasonably be the person responsible for the investigation and/or remediation.

3)  PCPG recommends that HB 1855 include a provision that the private well construction standards should be generally consistent with construction standards recommended by the National Ground Water Association.

4)  To the extent that HB 1855 requires or involves the “practice of geology,” PCPG recommends that the legislation or regulations require that any such activities be performed under the responsible charge of, and as applicable, documents and/or reports be sealed by, a professional geologist licensed and registered in this Commonwealth.

5)  Consideration should be given as to the effect of HB 1855 on existing local government ordinances, at least to the extent any such ordinances are inconsistent with regulations ultimately promulgated under Section 3304 of the bill.

Please download and review the complete testimony and recommendations: PCPG HB1855 Testimony.

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