PGPG 2019 Student Poster Session and Competition

Deadline for abstracts: January 25, 2019. See below.

The Pennsylvania Council of Professional Geologists (PCPG) is announcing our 2019 Undergraduate Student Research Poster Session and Competition. 

Students pursuing undergraduate degrees in the geosciences at colleges and universities located within Pennsylvania, and contiguous states, are eligible.  The poster session will be held during PCPG’s Annual Meeting on March 6, 2019, at the Holiday Inn Harrisburg Hershey in Grantville, PA.  PCPG hosts this event as part of the organization’s efforts to more fully engage with geoscience students studying at universities and colleges.  Presenting a poster at the event is a tremendous opportunity to directly interact with individuals and companies that provide geoscience services throughout Pennsylvania.  Our members include consultants, oil and gas geoscientists, university professors, and others.

The posters must be illustrative of research performed and presented by the entrant with oversight by their advisor. The poster topic shall generally fall within the disciplines of the geosciences (geology, geochemistry, geophysics, etc.).  PCPG anticipates entrants will submit abstracts covering a wide range of topics. 

Enter the competition by submitting an abstract via Email to PCPG by January 25, 2019.  Ten students will be selected from the abstracts to present posters at PCPG’s Annual Meeting.   Each successful entrant shall be awarded a $500 check from PCPG the day of the Annual Meeting, which is in recognition of being selected for the Session and can be used for lodging, travel and reproduction services.  In addition, a $1,000 prize for “Best Poster” will be awarded at the end of the Annual Meeting.  

Guidelines for entering PCPG’s 2019 Undergraduate Research Poster Session and Competition are, as follow:

  • Correctly following these guidelines is a criteria for being selected to present your poster at PCPG’s Annual Meeting.
  • Abstracts must be 300 words or less.
  • Abstracts must be signed and dated by the student and their advisor.
      • Abstracts must be submitted via Email to PCPG by midnight January 25, 2019. Your last name must appear in subject line, followed by the phrase Poster Submission so it appears as (for example), Smith Poster Submission.
      • Ten students will be selected to present their posters at PCPG’s Annual Meeting on March 6, 2019 to be held at the Holiday Inn Harrisburg Hershey, 604 Station Road, Grantville, PA  17028.
      • Posters should be on heavy stock paper or foam board, in landscape orientation, 4 feet by 8 feet in size. Mounting frames will be provided for presenting posters at the venue.
      • Students will have their posters set up and ready for presentation by 10:00 AM the day of the competition.  Presentation will continue throughout the day and end at 3:00 PM.
      • The posters will be judged by a panel of six Professional Geologists (PGs) who are members of PCPG.
      • Judging of the posters will be based on:
      1.     A clear statement of research objectives.
      2.     Overall poster appearance (organization, effective use of illustrations, proper grammar).
      3.     Clear presentation of poster title, author and co-authors, and school affiliation.
      4.     Logic of the presentation of research.
      5.     Author’s ability to explain the poster to the judges.
      • The author of the “Best Poster” will be awarded a prize of $1,000 at the close of the Annual Meeting (around 4:00 PM).

      Please e-mail PCPG questions regarding the PCPG 2019 Student Poster Session and Competition, or telephone PCPG by dialing (717) 730-9745.

      Pennsylvania Council of Professional Geologists
      116 Forest Drive, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania 17011

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