Chapter 245 Regulations Are Now Available

Posted 18 March:
On December 22, 2018, revisions to Pennsylvania's Storage Tank and Spill Prevention Program regulations (25 Pa. Code Chapter 245) went into effect, strengthening many of the operation and maintenance (O&M) requirements for underground storage tank (UST) systems. The changes are intended to strengthen the UST requirements by increasing the emphasis on properly operating and maintaining spill prevention, overfill prevention, and release detection equipment through increased inspection and testing. The updated regulations also create a new, intermediate certification level for tank installers, as well as significantly increasing the types of releases that must be reported to PADEP.

Final Land Recycling Program Technical Guidance Manual (TGM) is Available

Posted 4 February: The revised TGM is now available for use.  It was published in DEP’s eLibrary and the Pennsylvania Bulletin on January 19, 2019.   Substantial revisions include a reorganization of information to improve clarity and flow of the document, clarification of complicated concepts, updating outdated information, removing redundant text, and the addition of vapor intrusion and groundwater monitoring guidance.

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